About Us

Children Safeguarding Affairs Foundation (C-SAF) is a Not For Profit Organisation (NGO), with its main office in Ghana. It is dedicated to charity work with the ultimate beneficiaries being Unborn, Children, Young People and Families.


C-SAF is bound by the provision and spirit of the relevant legislation (Ghana's Children Act 1998) and United Nation Convention of the Rights of Children (UNCRC) and any other jurisdiction. C-SAF is committed to the belief that the welfare of children is of paramount concern and that their individual needs are identified and all their rights respected.


Our Vision  

  • Every child and young person in Ghana will know when they are being abused and will be empowered to report and speak against any form of abuse 
  • There will be systems and resources in place to prevent abuse of children and the provision of adequate support for victims of abuse will be available and accessible


Our Mission 

  • Educating agencies (Educational Institutions, Teachers, Health, Social Welfare, Police and Day Care), Children and Young People, Faith Organisations and Voluntary Sectors on what constitutes child abuse and to encourage victims to have the knowledge and confidence to share and refer any form of abuse
  • Changing the cultural mindset around the acceptance of child abuse and to promote Zero Tolerance to child abuse
  • Cultivating a culture of Youth Champions fighting against child abuse in their respective regions
  • Working with Statutory Agencies and Faith Organisations as a buffer to provide aftercare for victims of child abuse with incentives for participating faith organisations  





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