Update and Feedback from C-SAF From November 2013 - April 2014


September 2013: C-SAF invited to speak at K.A.E.P.A Fund Raising Event. C-SAF was invited to speak at the above fundraising event. C-SAF presented it's vision, mission and proposals to the audience, as a means of raising the NGO’s profile and raising awareness to the level of abuse in Ghana. Interestingly, the level and severity of child abuse in Ghana is not always at the forefront of people’s mind. The feedback after the presentation was useful, was an eye opener for some people and C-SAF has since received some genuine offers of support.


October 2013: C-SAF travelled to Ghana to meet with International Organisations, TV hosts, Faith organisation leaders and Educational representatives to discuss and present C-SAF’s agendas and visions.


November 2013: C-SAF was on The Stand Point, hosted by DR. Gifty Anti (G TV in Ghana) Whilst in Ghana to promote the NGO and its activities and visions. The panel consisted of a psychiatrist, a police representative from Police Hospital and Yvonne Anarfi (CEO of C-SAF). This episode was aired on G-TV in January 2014 and ABN TV, shown on Sky: channel 292. This can be accessed on YouTube, Facebook and on the website.  


November 2013 : C-SAF Presented to a Faith Organisation in Ghana Whilst in Ghana. C-SAF was invited by the president of Women’s Fellowship to deliver a presentation on how women and young parents could recognise child abuse and what can be done to help to minimise child abuse in the society. C-SAF, accepted this invitation and presented to United Church (Women’s Fellowship) in Accra (Teshie Nungua). The presentation focussed and emphasised on what women in our society can do to encourage our children and how children can be seen and heard in faith organisations. Parenting and child developmental stages was also briefly highlighted. The presentation was well received.


November 2013 : London - C-SAF was asked to present to Star 100- a network (mainly) for Ghanaian professionals, but has now been seeing professionals from a range of countries and ethnic backgrounds. C-SAF presented on the different levels and types of abuse in Ghana; Global child abuse issues; parenting issues and impact on children and young people and what individuals and agencies can do to improve the abuse of children in Ghana.


December 2013 : Faith Organisation Presentation in London - C-SAF presented to a faith organisation called '’Calvary Baptist’’ church, in Forest Gate- London, on a Family Sunday service on Child Abuse in the Community. The presentation covered a broad spectrum presentation on parenting styles, parenting capacity, different developmental stages and types of child abuse, and its impact on long term development for children who are abused.


February 2014 C-SAF Presentation to Faith Organisation in Tilbury - C-SAF delivered a presentation to congregation of ‘Redeemed Fruitful Land’ church at a family service. Adults, youth and children were present. The presentation covered the needs of children, parenting styles of some African parents, child abuse and effects of child abuse on children, legislative and statutory expectations of Faith Organisations who provide church services to children and young people.


March 2014: Children Safeguarding Affairs Consultancy (C-SAC) ( A sister company of C-SAF) Delivered Safeguarding Children Training and Policies. C-SAC was commissioned by a faith organisation (Victory Bible Church International) to deliver a Safeguarding children training workshop for all their fifteen branches- children & young peoples’ leaders and teachers as well as senior pastors. Some of these branches were based in Northampton, Midlands, and some across London. C-SAC was also commissioned to write children’s safeguarding policies for all of the fifteen branches. The policies were completed and delivered in April 2014. The church also asked C-SAC to devise an audit template in order to effectively evaluate how well their children and young leaders had implemented the policies. The audit tool will be used in six months’ time. Last but not least C-SAC was also asked to design a signing in and out template for children and youth accessing Sunday school and youth services- to inform the church leaders of when a child/ young person was dropped and picked up and also who by. These have been completed. Victory have expressed their appreciation and satisfaction with the work C-SAC have done and the services provided. Photos and videos will be uploaded onto and videos will also be on YouTube.

Forthcoming Programmes and Projects

  • C-SAF will be delivering a series of workshop to multi-agency professional in contact / working with children and young people.
  • C-SAF is liasing with some Faith Organisations to act as shelters and to provide on-going support for victims

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C-SAF CEO Interviewed on E-TV


The CEO of C-SAF was interviewed at E-TV in Ghana on 7th March 2013 about Child Abuse in Ghana. 

Volunteers Needed

C-SAF has been approached by Psychology, Sociology and Criminology student volunteers from a UK University after seeing an interview of the C-SAF CEO on a Ghanaian TV news piece posted on YouTube. C-SAF was contacted by these students, offering to provide children and youth psychological support to victims of abuse in Ghana.


We are always looking to welcome more volunteers. Contact us or visit us during one of our open days and find out how you can make a difference.




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